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senior member (53)senior membersenior member
05/04/2023 01:56PM  
Last year AFTER our BWCA trip I left the my We-No-Nah canoe outside over night to dry after washing it.

The wind picked it up and threw it against the side of my trailer and put two pretty small holes in the canoe floor. Maybe an 1/8 in diameter. while inspecting those holes I found a slight crack in the bottom also (I am sure the crack was created when we got hung up on a rock during the trip the week before)

Anyway, what is the best way repair those three (3) things.
Again NONE of them are very big,
BUT I am not going to ignore them

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05/04/2023 09:28PM  
What is the layup? Is it kevlar, fiberglass, royalex/t-formex?
senior member (53)senior membersenior member
05/05/2023 07:21AM  
yes that is a good point

It is Kevlar
05/05/2023 07:35AM  
I've been patching small punctures on my kevlar Mad River with JB Weld epoxy.

Probably not the right thing, and doesn't look great... but the patches are secure.
05/14/2023 08:46PM  
Without picture it's hard to say. If they're smaller holes I'd also probably consider just epoxying them, but I'd go with a marine epoxy if you can. If it's a larger problem you may have to do some patching.

Northwest canoe is a great source for repair materials and advice. Otherwise there's plenty of info out on the net as well.

Post some pics and maybe we can give some more targeted advice.
05/15/2023 09:29AM  
How close together are the small holes? If they are very close, 1 patch could cover both holes.
distinguished member(2965)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/15/2023 06:10PM  
Yeah for something that small you can buy some 30 minute epoxy in the syringes from the hardware store. Mix the two parts 1:1 (it comes out of the tubes in equal amounts.

For extra strength buy some fiberglass tape and put a little bit of that in there too. It will add strength. Watch a YouTube video on using glass and epoxy to get the idea. Not tough to do for little repairs.
distinguished member (270)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/25/2023 09:08PM  
I used this stuff to patch my SUP, and I think it might work on a canoe as well for small holes like yours. It's called SOLAREZ UV Cure Epoxy Ding Resin
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