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05/05/2023 02:31PM  
One of the big things I think paddlers find daunting when considering going to a far North place like Wabakimi and WCPP is maps and information. Hard to plan a trip without resources to do so and some guidance during the process. In the past few years mapping, route mapping, and just overall information on Wabakimi has increased exponentially. Two of these sources are joining together for an overall stronger resource.

Figured I’d post this in case anyone is interested.
Ryan Hines

Friends Of Wabakimi Updating Wabakimi Canoe Route Maps
Webinar and Discussion
Monday, May 8th, 7 p.m. CST, 8 p.m. EST

It’s a zoom meeting so I’ll post a link to it when I figure out how. So down at the bottom is a link to FOW and you can get into the meeting from the main page if you are interested

1. Brief history of map making/maintaining by Wabakimi Project and Friends of Wabakimi (Vern Fish)
(See Wabakimi Project History – year by year)

2. Recent roadblocks for FOW (Vern Fish)

3. New Planning Map, developed by Dan at GoTrekkers. Advantages over the previous map. What it allows us to do going forward. - (Dave

4. Laurence Mills has provided his route maps land and these are now available as pdf downloads on the FOW store. (Dave and
a. Printed/laminated map sets can still be ordered direct from

5. Wabakimi Canoe Route Maps - Volume map information - map comparison process, examples of routes added and routes edited to include volume info. (Mary Jean Blaisdell/Laurence Mills)

6. Routes that need to be remapped and re-explored
Detailed Trip Report help us update the route maps.

Join our Expedition Committee... send us an email:

Friends of Wabakimi Friends of Wabakimi
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