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Pack Rat
senior member (63)senior membersenior member
05/12/2023 02:28PM  
Hi Everyone,

I'm pretty solid on dehydrating hamburger and ground sausage, but I have a question to the group about dehydrated cheese. I am using shredded cheese and dehydrating at 90 degrees or so. I tussle the cheese every two hours or so and notice oil is remaining on the shreds. The cheese is on parchment paper and the paper is absorbing a lot of the oil. I plan to make powder out of the dried cheese and dehydrate it further once it is in powder form. What are ypur thoughts on giving the dried shreds a quick hot water rinse with the kitchen sink sprayer to remove the remaining surface oil before dehydrating a bit more prior to pulverising into powder?

I always rinse the cooked ground beef and sausage before drying, but the grease doesn't show up on cheese until after it is dried.

Any thoughts?


Pack Rat
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distinguished member(1938)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/04/2023 08:36AM  
This is why I have never dehydrated cheese. Is there a specific reason you are trying to make cheese powder this way? Cheese is so expensive and you can buy a pound of cheese powder so $9 from
A pound is a LOT of cheese powder and will last you a long, long time.
06/29/2023 09:31PM  
I'm pretty big into dehydrating my own meals. I've never had good luck dehydrating my own cheese. It always leaves a greasy residue on the meals which of course effects the shelf life. My alternative is to add a little cheese powder from a box of Annie's Organic Mac & Cheese to whatever meal needs some cheese. Available at most supermarkets. It works wonderfully. Give it a try.
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