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05/16/2023 02:08PM  
Looking for a backup tent as my current Marmot Limelight tent which I really like a lot has some leaks of my own fault. I'd just buy another Marmot limelight 3P but their new design is dumb, and they reduced the height. I need height inside the tent and the ALPS Mountaineering Acropolis 3 Tent has 51" peak. A little heavier than Marmot but height is the main goal. Does anyone have experience with this tent? Also, the Alps tent has very low-cut mesh down to the tub floor attachment to the mesh. Is this a problem for mud splashing under the rainfly and into the tent with heavy rain?
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05/16/2023 08:25PM  
I had an Alps Chaos 2 tent which I used for many years and was an incredible tent. The mesh came down to within 2-3 inches of the ground but never had a splash through problem. It was fairly lightweight, durable and incredibly easy to put up. Used it on a couple dozen or so trips in the BWCA and elsewhere, if not more and was always confident in it. Finally on one trip the tie off on the fly at the foot end of the tent broke off. that same trip we had huge thunderstorms with deluges of rain and the fly did sprinkle through a bit, of course right over my forehead:)

I emailed Alps with my experiences with the tent and how it was no longer usable with the fly issues and they sent me a new fly at no charge.

Good company, maybe not the most innovative out there with design but they build good stuff at good prices.
05/17/2023 10:10AM  
Thanks. The price is good, peak height is good, your good review of ALPS, helps a lot.
05/17/2023 12:57PM  
If you have any association with Scouting (BSA or GSUSA, Trail Life, or any of the other offshoots) ALPS will sell you gear at roughly 50% MSRP. Check out Hiker Direct if you qualify. My troop uses their tents and are very happy.
05/17/2023 01:40PM  
Awesome, ALPS getting lots of use and good recommendations too
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