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05/18/2023 01:19PM  
Looking for a replacement part for my camp saw/grill
I must have left behind the top piece that tightens down the tool. Company has changed focus and can't find options to replace this piece. Love this tool.
Thanks in advance..
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05/18/2023 01:56PM  
It's a saw and a grill combined?

Could you describe the missing piece? From the picture it looks like everything is there from a functional standpoint - you could hand-tighten that turnbuckle, but maybe there was originally a knob of some sort, or something that the hooks hook into on the side pieces?
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05/18/2023 01:58PM  
It's possible that you could build that piece yourself.
The turnbuckle should be easy enough to find.
It's finding the threaded rods in a length that you could cut and bend that might be the biggest issue.
05/18/2023 02:02PM  
Oh, is it the turnbuckle that's missing? You should be able to replace that (maybe Menards, or a hardware store, or McMaster-Carr online). If you find a turnbuckle but the rod is too short, you could buy some longer threaded rod of the same thread, cut to length, and bend the hooks in a vice.
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05/18/2023 02:05PM  

Looks like this was a saw that also could convert into a grill. Here is an old thread about it, made by Upgrade Innovations: thread Upgrade Innovations review
05/18/2023 02:07PM  
If it's the turnbuckle/rod section you've lost, that looks a lot like a screen door turnbuckle. The rods that come with the screen door turnbuckles would certainly be long enough to cut/bend to fit, but will probably be heavier than the originals.

05/18/2023 02:14PM  
Keep in mind one of the rods would probably need to be left-hand threaded, but you could probably use the left-hand threaded rod that comes with the replacement turnbuckle, even if too short, by getting a longer right-hand threaded rod for the other side and letting the turnbuckle be off-center.
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