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05/22/2023 06:25AM  
For those that have or have used a canoe spray deck how much do they really help with wind?

I am already considering putting a spray deck on my prospector for whitewater paddling, but wondering if having it will make it a better tripping canoe for big water as well.

Is it enough of an improvement to put it on level with a canoe with less freeboard and lower ends or not quite that much?
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05/22/2023 07:55AM  
You'll probably want the flotation bags before you get the spray skirt. When I was doing my whitewater course last May, that's all we used in our boats as the first line of defense against swamping when in tough rapids. If (when) I'm heading further north into potentially rougher water conditions, I'll add the spray skirt as added and necessary protection. I'm not the expert on this so I hope others weigh in with their experiences and advice. I think CCS will make you one and you can certainly pick one up from other suppliers if you're interested in picking one up.
05/22/2023 08:07AM  
I was actually thinking about making one myself. I have pretty decent sewing skills and it seems like a pretty simple job really.

I already have air bags as well.
05/22/2023 08:53AM  
That's great! Good luck to you on putting one together. You've probably seen this and perhaps a 100 more like it on youtube :). Post up some pictures if you think about once you're done. It'll be interesting to see the final product.

You've probably seen this as well. The OP kind of gets to the heart of your question re: wind and the mitigating effects of a spray skirt/cover for the canoe.

Anyway, best of luck to you with your project.
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