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05/24/2023 01:22PM  
New Trip Report posted by Dogpaddler

Trip Name: Snowbank W/ Disappointment Backpack.

Entry Point: 27

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05/24/2023 01:57PM  
I did basically this exact same trip a few years back, including probably the same campsites. This was Memorial Day weekend, and we pulled 200+ ticks off my dog. We had permethrin treated clothes on and that helped a great deal. Having that many ticks on you is a really gross feeling.

05/24/2023 03:18PM  
The spring ticks on that trail are legendary!

You made good time, it is a fun trail and a beautiful lake to hike around.
05/29/2023 07:03PM  
I did this hike last year, but in the other direction, and we stayed at different campsites. It’s a good one!

Was the bridge back up on the Parent/Disappointment portage, or did you have to go through the water? The bridge was out last year so we had to go through knee deep fast moving water.
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