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member (9)member
05/31/2023 09:35PM  
Hoping someone else may have worked through this issue.

I bought a Garmin Striker 4 locator. I also bought a Scotty 140 rail mount transducer arm mount.

The issue is that the transducer mounting holes are too wide for the Scotty unit. Am I missing something? Is there some kind adaptor that I need? Should I look for some kind of rubber bushings to fill in the gap?

See pictures. First is the Garmin transducer and the mount that came with the Garmin. (Doubles as a transom mount or a trolling motor mount.)

Second picture shows how the Garmin transducer fits (or doesn't fit) with the Scotty transducer arm mount.

Thanks for any direction you can offer.
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05/31/2023 10:14PM  
I ran into the same thing last year. Quickest way was to add three or four appropriate sized rubber washers from a local hardware store to fill the gap. Worked well over 15 days last summer.
06/01/2023 07:17AM  
Dude: "I ran into the same thing last year. Quickest way was to add three or four appropriate sized rubber washers from a local hardware store to fill the gap. Worked well over 15 days last summer. "

distinguished member (203)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/01/2023 08:57AM  

I just picked up a longer stainless steel screw and stainless steel lock nut. This worked great for me last year. The Scotty ducer arm worked great last year. Very solid in the water and easily flips out of the way when needed.
member (9)member
06/01/2023 10:55AM  
Thank you for sharing this. It makes sense, and it's good to hear that it worked well.
One questions....were you able to tighten this tight enough to keep the transducer from tilting (or in other words, keep the transducer level in the water?

I did figure out one other option that may work for me. The Garmin transducer came with a spacer that looks like a spool that fits in between the mounting arms on the transducer relatively well. The mounting materials also included a rubber washer that I inserted on the end of the spool between the spool and the mounting arm and then mounted that to the SIDE of the attachment arm on the Scotty. I used the mounting bolt that came with the Garmin with the lock nut on the other end. (I may have to get a slightly longer bolt to get more "bite" from the lock nut.) So far, I've only hand-tightened it, and it didn't seem tight enough to prevent the transducer from tilting. I need to tighten it with screw driver and wrench to get it tight and see if that holds it firmly enough to keep it from tilting. (I'll post pictures a little later when I get home.)
06/01/2023 01:13PM  
I have a Striker 4 and use Ram Mounts, everything fits perfectly. The Ram Mount transducer arm fits the Striker 4 so it stays in place. Use size B balls on small size clamps. The Ram Mount website has a build your own feature for fish finders so you'll get the correct parts for the Striker 4.

For the Striker 4, its designed to be mounted to the transducer arm from the piece in your first picture, not directly to the transducer itself. That's the only way it will stay in place.

Google Chasing FarWater, this guy has a great blog post about this set-up (he also posts on this site).
member (9)member
06/04/2023 08:58AM  
I thought I'd provide an update on my progress for this project.

I was able to mount the Garmin Striker 4 transducer to the Scotty 140 mount successfully. (See first picture)

I ended up purchasing a stainless steel bolt that was about 1/4" longer than the one that came with the transducer. I ended up mounting it so the transducer mounting arms are to the side of the Scotty arm (rather than having the Scotty arm centered between the transducer mounting arms). I used the spacer spool that came with the garmin, along with a purchased small nylon spacer to fill the space between the transducer mount arms. (See second picture)

I also installed a rubber washer between the transducer mounting arm and the Scotty arm and tightened the bolt with a locking nut so that it's pretty snug. The rubber washer keeps the transducer from tilting. It can be tilted by hand with some applied force if needed. (See picture 3).

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but the real test will be when we hit the water.

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