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06/21/2023 02:55PM  
Headed up from Falls lake next week 6/26/23 and was wondering what the small mouth and walleye patterns are?

Are smallmouth post spawn? Are they still fairly shallow?
Was thinking of fishing top water wake baits early and late in the evening. and either flukes, kietechs or other swimbaits during the day.

Any tips or suggestions? Are leeches worth bringing in for walleye this time of year?

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06/21/2023 05:25PM  
Both walleyes and bass are way past post spawn and are moving into their summer patterns. It has been very hot the past few days and the water is warming quickly. We hooked up with a lot of walleyes last week with leeches, but they seem to be less effective this week... all my bites have been on a jig and rubber body. Quetico Carp seem to bite on anything and are sitting on top of every rock pile.
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