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07/22/2023 07:46PM  
I have never been through Fall Lake and know little about it other than a really nice campground there. Thinking about the possibility of a short trip in early September up to Pipestone Bay and would love some insights into the area. From what I have read it is 3-4 hours to Pipestone Bay with two very easy portages to get there.

There are a ton of campsites in that area, how often are they full or mostly full? There are many campsites on the map that are not rated - does anyone have any insight into what that means? Does that means it is a horrible campsite or maybe just one that by chance a review has never been posted. Some of them seem to be in prime locations. How far up the bay do you need to go to experience the best experience you can have, or is it all pretty much the same? Since it's Basswood Lake I assume there is pretty good fishing potential, any comments on that?

I do understand that it is a popular route and also a motor route so we will have to deal with that. Honestly I have never camped in a motorized area so I don't know how much it will impact our trip. Hopefully not much.

Even though Pipestone Bay is nothing like North Bay or Bailey Bay which I have paddled many years ago in the wind, I assume it can get rocking pretty good. Planning on possibly camping the night before at Fall Lake with an early paddling start, and the same on the way back to avoid the wind.

Any comments on the overall plan or specifics are much appreciated.

Thank you for your wisdom
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07/23/2023 06:46AM  
Came from LBF to Pipestone last September. Never saw a boat and only people we saw were on the higher rated campsites. We checked quite a few sites coming down and it seemed many were just very plain....nothing remarkable. The better ones seemed to be to the north. We got caught in a nasty hail storm so settled on a plain site by Lewis Narrows. Any port in a The portages are super easy....almost pleasant. It was my first time through there but thats my brief take on the route.
Craig K
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07/24/2023 02:38PM  
Thanks Cowdoc, had some of the same questions as Lindylair.
I normally avoid the motor area's but it was all that I could find late in the season. Looking forward to the easy portages this time around, sort of need that this year. Should be a good trip no matter what we run into. (better then the office)
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