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member (11)member
08/21/2023 06:39AM  
Hey Friends

Been following these threads for awhile in preparation for an upcoming trip. A few weeks back there was a report on a burn between Oliphant and the B Chain. Has anyone found better documentation or experienced the extent of the burn in this area?

Has anyone been around Baird recently or the Cutty Creek system? How are water levels? Passable?

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member (45)member
08/21/2023 09:28PM  
Just got back (and was the original poster about that fire). Camped on Olly and on Bud.

There is no visible evidence of that fire.

Water levels everywhere (Batch, Pickerel, Russel, Olly, etc.) are about one foot below normal, and this is evident at portages, campsites, and on waterways.

if you have specific questions, please let me know.
08/22/2023 07:30AM  
The route to Olifaunt from the Fern portage is really a delightful thruway. There may be the odd low-rated site in there but the next realistic destination is Olifaunt proper - where there are some nice sites. So even if there was some burn territory in that corridor, you'd likely be paddling by it.
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