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member (23)member
08/23/2023 10:05AM  
Getting ready to head back in on Sep 6th. I came out after only a week to already dropping water levels on my Jun 6th finish. Anyone been thru here lately to attest to the EP conditions? Is the portage extended into the marsh area? Is the river floatable or full of shallow spots and pull-overs?

Just wondering if the conditions have improved over the other post citing poor conditions a month ago.

Thanks for the input. I may adjust my trip depending on any feedback.
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08/24/2023 11:20AM  
We came out at Mudro EP23 on 8/16/23 It was low, we paddled up to marsh area. we had 3 person canoe and 3 packs of gear, so fairly heavy. Rocky pull over in the entrance to Mudro Lake, but nothing horrible. It was low though.
member (23)member
08/24/2023 06:57PM  
How was the portage from the parking lot to the river/marsh? Longer than normal I suspect?

Did you have to blaze a trail through the grass/marsh to get to the floatable water?

Did you pull/walk up the river at all? Curious how I will skin this cat at 0-dark-thirty on the way in.....

Any other details would help - I might have to adjust my footwear based on what I may have to trek through to get onto the water.
08/25/2023 07:16AM  
When we came out on August 1st it was low. You'll have to walk through the grass like it has been the past few years but those trails are really easy to follow.
Should be Ok once you get a coupe hundred yards out. There are a few pull overs. We were able to get out and pull the canoe with a little lifting to get past. Nothing crazy though.
Someone needs to get rid of the huge beaver dam blocking the culverts under the road at the entry point.
08/27/2023 06:33AM  
The tall grass was well worn to the point we got out. It was muddy though in that spot of the creek. I saw another guy floating his canoe down to where we were, but he did say there would be a rock we’d have to pull over. Since we were done, unloading for the last time there wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t that far either from the entrance.
You may have better luck with it, being lighter and shorter than 3 guys and 3 portage packs.

Plus the flat portage to the parking lot was a breeze compared to the mountain portage from Sandpit into Mudro!
All was good though, as it was our first trip to Boundary Waters, and definitely not our last!
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