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08/31/2023 07:11AM  
On a trip many moons ago, a couple of inquisitive park Rangers smelled the pungent aroma of some fine Florida skunk weed and proceeded to land at our campsite in search thereof. I saw them before they saw me and I scurried into the water. I could tell by the older Ranger's demeanor he was wanting to do an interrogation of the nth degree and find the source of the smell. The veteran Ranger with a rookie in tow, was going to do his best to show the newbie "how it's supposed to be done". I was feeling quite well at the time and was in the lake swimming and contemplating taking a bath.

When the boss Ranger spied me, he came to the water's edge and asked to see our permit. I stood up buck naked. I could tell by the look on his face it was for sure more than he was expecting. He asked where our permit was and I told him it was tied to the tree by the fire pit and to have at it, which he did.

He saw two names on the permit and asked where my paddling partner was. I told him he was up there somewhere. The Ranger just knew for sure my paddling partner was in the woods hiding our stash.

The Ranger found him alright! He was actually in the bush taking a big ol' 3 day backed up, freeze dried, trail mixed, Jack Daniels country ass S _ _ t. I heard a couple of muffled voices conversing, but that was it.

About the time the rookie was apologizing for coming up on me while I was naked in the water, the veteran Ranger came to the water's edge and motioned for the rookie it was time to go. I heard the boss Ranger say as they walked off ... "I've never smelled anything like that in my life". "The smell from that gawd awful S _ _ t the big guy was taking must have been what we were smelling.

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