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09/01/2023 12:42PM  
For those who have gone on longer/extended trips, did you plan a re-supply? How often would you need to re-supply? How did the logistics of the permits work for re-supply?
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distinguished member(2059)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/01/2023 05:32PM  
I have never done a long trip but I would think that if you could plan to be within an hour or two of an EP on a specific day that whomever resupplies you could enter on a day permit as long as they left that day. Or you could plan to meet up with a person or a group that has their own permit.
09/01/2023 05:54PM  
I'm not sure how long you're contemplating but i've done 2-2 1/2 weeks without resupply. I know some have exited and re-entered, others have triple portaged for a while, paddled big water - no or few portages - and others have made arrangements like Northwoodsman suggested.
09/01/2023 09:50PM  
Reach out to nctry (Ben). You will find him all over this board!
09/02/2023 08:46AM  
I’ve done a 41 day trip in northern Quebec. No resupply. Also several three week + trips in wabakimi with no resupply. Expect to have extremely heavy food packs. In Quebec we caught so many trout and salmon that we ended the trip with lots of unused food.
09/02/2023 01:49PM  
I have done several 3 wk trips w/o resupply. And we used a 16’ canoe on one of them. We had 2-60L food barrels, 1-#3 pack, 1-#4 pack and 2-day packs.
distinguished member(1501)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/02/2023 03:08PM  
Can't add much, but as stated earlier three weeks is totally doable, but you start very heavy and will need a very large food pack. I believe if 100% of your food was dehydrated or freeze dried, you could do 4 weeks. You can also triple portage and bring tons more if it will fit in the canoe. If you are moving far and fast you will need much more than if you are sitting all the time. I think resupply is legal if you never leave the wilderness, but you should probably make sure.
distinguished member (421)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/03/2023 08:53PM  
Longest I’ve gone without a resupply is eight+ weeks. I have a ‘main kitchen pack’ which holds stuff I use often/near-term & an ‘auxiliary food pack’ (standard army duffle). For one person bringing dehydrated meals, I found the kitchen pack would hold about four+ weeks of food & the army duffle about six+ weeks. For resupply, I’ve met my outfitter on a motor lake & they towed it right to me at a portage or my campsite if I was camped on the motor lake. While eight+ weeks is enjoyable & ‘tying one on’ afterwards is a fun accomplishment, I found ~four weeks to be pretty ideal. It is nice after that much time or a bit more to experience civilization & to get some of its treats (beer, fresh cooked meal, fresh fruit/veggies, shower, AC, etc) + it provides good contrast to the wilderness experience. One caveat to this is that one needs a new permit to reenter the BWCA, so for this reason I go out of Moose EP as it has a lot of daily permits & I can often get a cancellation without much hassle. If planning to meet an outfitter/friend to resupply, I’d recommend having comms, such as a zoleo, to facilitate coordination - it is convenient to be able to choose a good day for travel instead of having a predetermined rendezvous date which could cause an issue if weather does not cooperate.

If you are planning an extended trek, Im happy to be a sounding board for your ideas & to share my experience. Cheers!
09/05/2023 02:12PM  
Thank you all for the replies. Nothing planned currently, but have had a month or three long trip in my mind for awhile. Tentatively planning a 2 week solo next year.
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