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09/06/2023 03:39PM  
So I may try for a late solo in a couple weeks if I can finagle the work side of my life to allow it.

Once the ranger stations are closed, can one still make an online reservation? If so, do you still have to stop at PP or Cache Bay & self-issue the actual permit?


Edit...looks like the answer is "no"....from the Ontario Parks site: "Your selected dates are outside of the reservable period for Kahshahpiwi."

So... just show up at the vacant ranger station, and fill out forms there, leaving cash?

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09/06/2023 06:23PM  
I have left a check and done have reported cc to main office but what you say is the basic way to do it.
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09/08/2023 07:56PM  
I always figure the cost in advance based on exchange rate, and leave cash with the self permit forms they have when you stop at the rangers station, pretty easy. Obviously bring your fishing permit from online with rabc as well as outdoors card.
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