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09/18/2023 06:19PM  
I have a 2007 Jeep 4-door wrangler with a soft top. I am looking for a good system for carrying my Prism on top. I don't need a full blown rack — maybe just a cross bar at the windshield and one at the back? I have done a lot of searching but have not found what I am looking for. Any ideas?
Thanks, Traveler
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senior member (93)senior membersenior member
09/20/2023 01:25PM  
09/20/2023 07:43PM  
This is what I use on my 08 Wrangler Rugged ridge sherpa
distinguished member (101)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
10/03/2023 05:32PM  
Soft top jeep?? I have a hard top on my 2016 JKU.

I use a Spring Creek suction cup bar towards the front and a hitch rack in the back. Works pretty well for me.

I also use a trailer sometimes and always if hauling two canoes.

If the length works for you it seems a windshield bar and hitch rack might be a good way to go. Keep the canoe off the soft top.

Of course you could go the full cage route as well.

Good Luck finding a solution!
10/04/2023 08:31AM  
Thanks guys. I think I will keep my eyes open for a windshield bar and maybe try a Harbor Freight hitch rack. I don't want to spend a lot — I usually use my truck, a system for the Jeep is just for fun.
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