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member (30)member
09/19/2023 02:44PM  
For sale or trade: Prospector 14 Pack in Ruby/Champagne bottom - Expedition Kevlar, carbon kevlar gunwales with the cherry portage yoke.

$3k or reasonable offer. Or trade for a Swift prospector 14 with traditional canoe seat.

Pictures forthcoming or by request. Located in Janesville, WI. Will be doing a BWCA trip Mid Oct and can bring with for potential buyers.
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member (15)member
10/09/2023 09:14PM  

I would be interested in learning more. Can you send me images of its current state?
member (30)member
02/08/2024 04:19PM  
Still have canoe available for sale. $2800 OBO. Pictures upon request.
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