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12/02/2023 02:19PM  
Friends of Wabakimi is doing a webinar Sunday evening 12/3. Thought I’d post it since they seem to be kind of going over the wide range of being prepared.

Friends of Wabakimi,

Join me tomorrow for our first seasonal Webinar on Emergency Paddling Preparedness, Sunday, December 3rd, 2023 6:00 pm CST / 7:00 pm EST. (Zoom Link here)

"Paddling Emergency Preparedness (PEP) – Are you ready? Have you ever had to deal with a serious injury on a canoe trip? Have you ever been truly lost in the “wilderness”? If it breaks, can you fix it? Have you ever had to make either an emergency or a nonemergency exit? Do you carry whistle and are you PEP’ed and ready?

Experience an emergency exit and see the value of a satellite phone. Dig into my first aid and repair kit and tell me what you carry. In the past five years I have had to do one emergency and three non-emergency exits. Together, we can both learn how to prepare for these unplanned adventures."

We have other planned webinars in the pipeline. We'll let you know!
Vern Fish, President
Friends of Wabakimi

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12/02/2023 02:24PM  
Trying to add the link to the webinar. My son had an allergic reaction to 5 or 6 wasp stings on trip this year. Not anaphylactic but was pretty scary for a bit and a significant reaction. Didn’t have to evacuate but was working and communicating as we worked through the issue. I was well prepared with a Northern Tier BSA level first aid kit. I was also a medic in the army. Still a bit scary out in the woods. Having the first aid kit with Benadryl and a book to read for all emergency concerns. Also had first aid manuals on my phone. I’m sure the webinar will go up later as a YouTube video if you miss it on Sunday.

Emergency Preparedness Webinar
member (37)member
12/02/2023 04:37PM  
Good thing you had Benadryl!!
12/02/2023 09:48PM  
Question really came down to how many to give him. He had full body hives within 15 to 20 minutes of being stung. Were reading the instructions off the box which I’d cut off. It was like two to start 1 to 2 to start nor more than 6 in 24 hours. We pulled off on the shore when he was itching and could barely paddle. He took his PFD and shirt off and I was like holy sh.t in my mind. Started with 4. Made it to a campsite closest one but really nice campsite. He helped me get the canoe and stuff just out then I dealt with everything after that. Benadryl kicked in. Itching stopped and he went down hard for a Benadryl nap. Set up tent got him in that. Kept an eye on him as the redness and hives reduced over the next 3 hours or so. When he woke up he was pretty much fine. Had a whatever you feel like eating supper. Mostly snack bag/lunch. Great night by the fire! I monitored him pretty regularly while he was napping and that night we slept in same tent so I could monitor him!

After the long nap.
distinguished member (339)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/03/2023 10:54AM  
Is there any chance this will be recorded, and a link made available to watch at a later date? Thanks.
12/03/2023 05:24PM  
Yeah it will take a few weeks but Friends of Wabakimi will usually post it on the YouTube channel they have later. Chiefs and Packers playing tonight so I’d assume some people will be tuned into that. I’ll try to remember to link it when they do.

distinguished member (193)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/03/2023 09:27PM  
The Webinar was great. I hope I see the post to watch it again.
12/04/2023 06:00PM  
Well they got it up pretty quick!


FOW Emergency Preparedness Canoe Trip Link
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