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12/06/2023 09:27PM  
I’m looking for opinions on the best basecamp locations ( we are willing to move once perhaps) with fishing being the objective of the trip. 7 or 8 day trip planned. I’m going with my two daughters 19 and 13 yo. The 19 yo has been going with me for the last 9 years or so and is adept at these trips. The 13 yo is going for the first time. I’m trying to keep portaging to a minimum and no difficult portages. I’m looking at Saganagons but a little concerned how busy it will be in late May / early June. I don’t want to struggle for campsites and ideally would like some degree of solitude. I’ve also considered entering from the north and looking at Cirrus , Quetico, and Pickerel but concerned about big water= tough paddling and finding shallow water that has warmed enough if it ends up being a cool spring. Any opinions or thoughts on other options to consider? I’m not as familiar with the southwest side of the park. Thanks for your help!
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12/07/2023 05:09PM  
Our group always goes to Saganagons each spring for basecamp fishing. This year was a little more crowded than previous years. 2021 and 2022 we stayed on Knife Lake BWCA and that was good.

Northeast arm of Ottertrack is remote and quiet. Day trip to Banta for lake trout fishing.

North of Deadman's Portage is little used with lots of potential fishing spots around many islands. Nice campsites in this area and you can explore the Falls Chain.

I paddled by Merriam Bay (Big and Little) this fall. Pretty area that looked like good fishing, but big water to get there.
12/07/2023 08:41PM  
You can't go wrong with Cirrus. One long portage and a short Portage of 25 rods? Into Cirrus. Good campsites. Really good fishing.
12/07/2023 09:28PM  
That’s where I was thinking of going if we head there… north of deadman’s portage.
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12/09/2023 11:01AM  
North Bay of Basswood and surrounding bays are a good choice. Lost Bay (South of Isabella) and the bay leading towards Nest Lake have both produced well and we experienced good solitude in both. Very easy portages on the way, or you can paddle longer and skip the portages.
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