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01/16/2024 09:23AM  
I am planning a trip for late May this year and looking for recommendations for bait and presentation for late May walleye. I have not been up that early in the season before. My trips have always been July-September.

Are most people just using slip bobber/leech setups? Any tips are appreciated. I don't have my entry point decided yet, but I will be paddling mostly smaller lakes.
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01/16/2024 12:40PM  
I like minnows that time of year. Lindy Rig.
01/18/2024 02:44AM  
Late May i would still target moving water or/and areas within a close proximity to moving water , that have a little depth to them like 15'-25' might get surprised with a daytime bite ?
01/19/2024 05:21PM  
Late May would likely be post-spawn. Find some late-breeding fish in the moving water near falls. Spawned-out females may be resting in shallow, mud-flat bays where the water is warming and bait is becoming active. And yes, a slip-bobber and leach is a great way to catch them in still water, while a jig and twister would do well in moving water. Good Luck!
01/20/2024 01:19AM  
Also want to add , bottleneck bays and saddles , drifting and vertical jig maybe the best presentation to find them in the month of May.
01/20/2024 08:29AM  
I have gone in late May before and a lot can depend on weather. It can be really cold or if you are lucky the weather might start to warm up the lake. With cold water I would slow down your presentation. I like to slow retrieve a jig, dragging along the bottom, with a 3 or 4 inch soft plastic minnow or grub body. Weeds will likely not have emerged, but I would focus on shallow bays with a mix of rocks and mud. These areas will warm up first and become alive with hatching BUGS!. Bugs attract minnows and walleye this time of year. Smaller bugs like mosquitoes hatch first, followed by hellgrammites/dragonfly and mayfly. The walleye feed heavily on the later, often engorging on the insects for a brief period. Smaller lakes like you are targeting should warm up first and be ahead of the larger bodies of water in terms of insects/bite.
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