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01/16/2024 02:26PM  
We are planning on going to crab lake for our trip in September and was wondering if anyone could talk about their experience with Crab Lake. I know there is a pretty long portage right off the get go, but it seems pretty laid back once you get into the lake itself. Any info on the campsites, fishing and any other info would be great.
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01/16/2024 02:48PM  
If you haven't seen it already??? Here is a trip report I put together for our Crab Lake adventure. Seeking September solitude

...also, scroll around in the maps section . Click on the red dots to get campsite ratings & the yellow lines for portage information.
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01/16/2024 05:44PM  
I was there last year in early September. The first portage is long. The first 'half' is harder with more roots and rocks. On the way in we paddled across the wet area in the middle. On the way out we were able to wade that on submerged boards. Get in shape and pack smart and it should be fine. On the way in we paddled through Crab to Cummings. We spent 2 nights on Crab near the portage on the way out. Crab offered some large Northern pike and small mouth bass. We enjoyed a day trip of the circle of lakes to the west. You get to see recent fire effects. I'd consider staying on Phantom as that campsite looked nice. Spirit was dark water and buggy.
Cummings Lake was nice. You do have to account for wind. Campsites are close enough that you can hear and see other people. We enjoyed being able to walk from our site to Coxey Pond and Silica Lake. Trail is a great walk.
We also did a day paddle circling Korb River, Korb Lake, and back to Cummings.
We opted for a ride across Burntside from an outfitter. Another group leaving right behind opted to paddle. On a windy day the ride will be nice.
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01/16/2024 05:48PM  
Welcome, FishScramble! You'll find lots of useful information on this website and plenty of people willing to answer questions.

We went into Crab Lake in late August of 2019. After a tow across Burntside, the portage was long but not too difficult. When you reach the open marsh grasses, you are about halfway. Nice sandy landing on Crab Lake. All of the campsites were nice with several really good ones - TuscaroraBorealis is right, check the maps site for campsite photos and reviews.

The fishing is good, by my standards, on Crab Lake - mostly smallies and northerns. Good numbers of fish with decent size. We caught a few rock bass on accident. We did well trolling and on topwaters in the evening. I enjoy fishing but it isn't the main purpose of my trips so others will probably provide better insights.

It will help to know more about your group size, if you plan to base camp, or if you are interested in day trips to other nearby lakes.

Enjoy the planning process!
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