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      SOLD:No Longer Needed: Northstar Polaris or Northwind 16     
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01/24/2024 08:49AM  
Update: found a beautiful used Polaris, can't wait for paddling season.

Looking for a used Northstar Polaris or Northwind 16 either in Starlite or Blacklite. I know there are a few outfitters with some available after this season, but hoping to pick one up to use this spring and beyond! I live in west central MN, and am willing to travel to pick it up if, not in a hurry.
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02/02/2024 06:41AM  
I have a 2016 Northwind 16 in wood trim, that I am looking to sell. My email is I can send pictures if interested.

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02/03/2024 10:42PM  
I have a 2007 Bell Northwind 17' 6" Black gold layup that I am going to sell. The canoe has seen some miles. No major problems. Hull has superficial scratches. I can round up some pictures.
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