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01/28/2024 07:21PM  
We’re trying to decide on a route and have been looking at 50. When looking at the bwca .com map. It shows a short portage from the east end of Ham, going nowhere, and another short portage from Snipe, going nowhere. And a campsite or 2 in the middle of the woods. I think there should be some water in there. Or is my IPad just misbehaving?
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01/28/2024 07:51PM  
I just looked at it on my chromebook and Cross Bay Lake is not showing up. Those campsites are on Cross Bay and both of those portages you mention should lead to Cross Bay. Not sure what's going on. In the meantime you can use Voyaguer Maps online maps to see what you're looking for.

Earlier I was looking at Little Gabbro and Gabbro and a couple of campsites were shown in the middle of the lakes and I thought that was wonky. But nothing like a complete lake not showing up.
01/28/2024 08:43PM  
They were having trouble with the maps loading for some reason and it looks like it defaulted to topo, which is the least detailed. USGS Topo was the default. In the top left, if you switch the map style to satalite, you'll be able to see everything.
01/29/2024 07:57AM  
Thanks for the info. Glad it’s not just my “smart” devices.
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01/29/2024 06:00PM  
It seems like that map has always had that problem.
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