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02/08/2024 12:53PM  
We settled on EP 32 after not getting EP33. Ultimately our destination is to get over to Little Gabro, Gabro, Bald Eagle to setup camp somewhere in that area and take day trips to other lakes in this area to explore and fish. Looks like there are two options to getting over to LG. #1 Double portage by way of Bruin Lake or #2 Paddle north thru Kawishiwi River and take portage 655. Pros and cons of each option? Thanks for the feedback! Will be going a few days after Labor Day.
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02/08/2024 01:33PM  
I would go through Bruin. The other route is quite a ways out of the way.
02/08/2024 01:49PM  
A lot of which portage to take depends on you and the weather. If you are in good shape, packed well so you can single portage, take the Bruin Lake route. If it turns out that your trip is in mid summer and you get a later start, that longer portage will be a killer. If you double portage, this gets long and you might save time by going around and taking the 655 portage or even the 2 to the south, numbers 217, 218.
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