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      SOLD:FS: 1987 Wenonah Jensen J-180 - $800 OBO     
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02/11/2024 02:03PM  
For sale a 1987 Wenonah Jensen J-180 solo canoe for $800 or best offer. I've had this canoe for a few years and it has been stored in an unconditioned shed when not in use. Due to the limited large flat water lakes in my area, I don't get the use out of it that I thought I might. The canoe includes a reissued manufacturer's certificate of origin from Wenonah. I'm located southwest of Rochester, MN. The canoe is registered in Minnesota through 2025.

Below are pictures of the canoe.

Below is a link for the original specifications for the J-series canoes.

J-Series specifications
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02/14/2024 12:31PM  

If your J-180 C-1 canoe on the BWCA site is still for sale, I would be interested in chatting with you about it. A few questions:

--How long have you owned this canoe? and how many previous owners did it have since 1987?
--Any major hull damage?...I noticed a few scratches on the bull bottom...Has the bottom ever been refinished with any coats of poly resin?
--The wood gunnels look like they are peeling a a bit...Any wood-rot or any damage that some sanding and poly-u coating would not fix?
--Does your J-180 have manual "self-bailer" floor drain?
--Are both the molded seat and front foot-brace adjustable via locking slides?
--Any cracks or leaks around the 4 bolts securing the front foot-brace to the hull?
--can you send me a close up picture of the Wenonah "MFP" aluminum manufacturing plate on the stern of the canoe? has the serial # and date of manufacture info...

Let me know responses to the above. I would also want to to drive down to your location from Chanhassen, MN 55317 to view the boat if I have further interest based on the responses. Appreciate your time to interact with me on this canoe....regards...DON
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02/14/2024 07:19PM  
Hi Don. I've had this canoe since June 2020. There was at least one previous owner, but I'm not sure how many in total.

There's a couple of holes from where the foot braces appear to have been moved forward at one point before I got the canoe. There's also a hole on the right side behind the brace that looks to be a puncture from something at one point in time. Lastly there's a hole near the front on the bottom in front of the foot brace. All of the holes are sealed and I've never had any issues with leaks. The bottom was recoated at some point, but it has some slight texture to it, almost as if the resin had micro bubbles in it when it cured.

There are a couple of small areas that look like they have a little bit of wood rot that developed, but they seem to be sealed over now and haven't progressed to be worse. I would think some light sanding and resealing it would address these areas.

There is no manual self bailer in this canoe.

The foot brace is adjustable with a pin system. The seat is adjustable with a spring clip. The seat frame has pin holes for pins on both sides, that cotter pins could likely be installed in.

There aren't any cracks or leaks around the bolts securing the front foot brace, outside of the previously sealed mounting holes mentioned above.

Below are additional pictures of the holes, gunnels, seat, foot brace, and nameplate.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
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