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02/12/2024 07:08PM  
So, had some of the team from our annual "guys trip" ask about a table. We tend to travel light; nonetheless I decided to see what I could fabricate.

It's complete, and I have many many hours down this particular rabbithole. Too many.

Final product attaches to most any tree, and is 24" wide by 18" deep.

Top is 1/2" baltic birch ply. This is not intended to be a cutting board - we can put one of those light, flexible numbers on top when needed.

I did paint slow-cure epoxy on all edges. The top & bottom have mineral oil soaked in, however I may go further with one of the wax/oil cutting board products. Hoping that it can get rained on and survive fine.

There is hardware attached to reinforce a few key areas of potential stress.

The attachment system is all Amsteel - I did a lot of crazy splicing....weird whoopie slings, loops and toggle-cinch fasteners. They can be tightened down pretty firmly - it's very solid with little give once set up.

That set up takes 5-7 minutes - not spectacular. And final weight is candidly disappointing at 3 pounds 3 ounces.

I think a different strap system could cut down set up time, but it would weigh more.

Most of the weight is in the top...there are a few high-tech options (aircraft bulkhead material, for example) to reduce that weight, but the cost would be significant.

We'll see how it works in the field come May.

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distinguished member (386)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/12/2024 08:58PM  
I'd applaud the effort and product!

I tried to make one out of sheet metal, bend the edges up for a lip, put a couple brackets underneath for stability and it turned out.... terrible. Never even took it out of my basement. I'd love to bring one of those, but 3 pounds can be better allocated for me elsewhere. We do bring a foldup table (cheap amazon one, probably a pound) and play checkers on it or eat oatmeal.

Looks good!
distinguished member(1444)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/12/2024 09:35PM  
Good looking table, SNS! The harness system is very creative. :) I hope it serves you well on your trips.
02/13/2024 05:54AM  
Great project! You should enjoy that for years to come.
Savage Voyageur
distinguished member(14445)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished membermaster membermaster member
02/13/2024 06:23PM  
I built one 3 years ago for our fish cleaning table. 24”x 16” with a half moon cutout for a tree. Then when in camp just go out in the woods for 2 dead limbs and cut them to size. I brought 2 wood screws that went in the predrilled holes in the table to each leg. Then for the final bit I used a ratchet strap to secure it from the table to the tree. With a sharpie I made a ruler on the top. Just rinse off with lake water. We even used the back of the board for playing cribbage.
02/14/2024 06:41PM  
My table in action...

02/15/2024 07:32AM  
I am so often humbled by the ingenuity of others. My brain just doesn’t work that way.

Nice work!

02/15/2024 07:55AM  
Small update: I played with this a bit and settled on a blend of Amsteel and Paracord for the rigging. The paracord stretches more, but does better with friction holds - basically a modified truckers hitch allows me to better cinch it down super tight.

Still heavier than I'd like, but it is really solid - you can bump into it or whack it from the side or even underneath and it's not going to move at all.

Finally, the tree can be crooked or leaning any direction, and you can get the table perfectly flat.
02/20/2024 08:48PM  
Nicely done.

I wonder if one could fit an old Coleman suitcase stove on there.
02/21/2024 08:36AM  
arnesr: "Nicely done.

I wonder if one could fit an old Coleman suitcase stove on there."

Thanks; I would think a Coleman stove would fit...I believe they are 18x12 and this surface is 24x18.
02/27/2024 10:30PM  
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