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02/13/2024 04:37PM  
Putting this out there to gauge interest. I have a Keron 4 GT in sand color that I purchased for a 2020 climb of Denali that never happened because they cancelled permits that year because of covid. If I do another climb of Denali at this point it will likely be guided so I won't need the large tent.

I've used the tent just a couple times since I got it so it's in excellent condition. You won't find a better expedition tent, but I realize it's probably overkill for most people. As a bonus I purchased a Hilleberg repair kit with matching material, zippers, etc that's included.

If anyone's interested I could post pics, but need to find some time and a large enough area to do so.

Hoping to get $1000 for it. They retail for $1660.
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