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02/17/2024 09:12AM  
I’d like to make jerky for our next trip. I’ve done a lot of dehydrating but have never made jerky. I need to watch my sodium intake. Do you have a favorite low sodium recipe that you could share? Do you have a favorite store bought low sodium brand?
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02/17/2024 11:59AM  
I am no pro at making jerky but have done it a few times and been very happy using this recipe. It calls for low (or lower) sodium soy sauce. I just checked my fridge and saw that my regular Kikoman sauce has 960 mg sodium per serving vs 590 for their lower sodium version. I would guess you could also just cut back on how much you use.

I'd also suggest you poke around to see what the low sodium soy sauces there are - maybe you can find one with even less. If you live somewhere with a good asian market, you will find there is a HUGE number of different soy and other sauces out there. If you are in or near the twin cities, head over to Shuang Hur market on south Nicollet/eat street for a huge selection.
03/01/2024 09:35AM  
We make a chicken jerky that can be as low-sodium as you want.

Get a bunch of boneless skinless chicken breasts, slather in dijon mustard + dried tarragon + dried onion + dried garlic + kosher salt + pepper, all to taste, but you need more dijon and spices than you expect. Bake in the oven until super cooked and the dijon is browned. Chop it all up, dump into a food processor with some chicken broth (low or no sodium as desired), make it into a slurry (not soupy!). Spread into thin layers in your dehydrator, dehydrate in there.

I then break it up into chunks about half the size of a playing card and dump it into a durable ziploc bag in the food pack. Easy quick high protein flavorful snacks.
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