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03/13/2024 08:48PM  
Hey all, been a while since I've been on here. Gotta say, I miss it. But not nearly as much as I miss paddling flatwater in my Magic. All I get in Colorado is rivers that I would be silly to take my canoes on.

To my real reason for posting - I am looking for options for a waxed canvas backpack for my daughters for a school backpack. I am tired of buying nylon and fleece and polyester and all the other synthetic options, that are not environmentally friendly at all. Don't get me wrong, I have a closet full of fleece, but I am trying to do better. The last 2 trips to the BWCA I took, I had all natural fibers for clothing, except for 1 pair of fleece socks to sleep in - we normally do very late fall trips.

Sorry, back on track.....

My wife and I are trying to raise our girls with a sense for the outdoors, and I feel that needs to include our clothing choices and accessories as well. I know of Frost River, and Duluth Pack. They are amazing, and are definite options. We would normally buy a school backpack for them from Lands End or the sort. The older girl is at the age, and size, where I will consider buying her a "lifetime" pack. I am not afraid of buying quality, because in the long run it ends being cheaper and more enjoyable.

So, what other options should I look at for them? I have a Filson Tin cloth jacket that I have re waxed a couple times, and love. It will outlast me easily. But, Filson does not have any good options for a backpack that I have seen.

Thank you for your time.

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03/13/2024 09:42PM  
We started buying our kids north bay packs from frost river because we were tired of replacing cheaper backpacks every year (we have 5 kids). So far they've been holding up great!

I would try and buy them in person if you can though as I've noticed some issues with some of their packs over the last year (some poorly sewn seams, a pack with one shoulder strap longer than the other, etc nothing major) and I like to inspect them in person before I buy. Part of the whole "hand made" aspect I suppose.
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03/14/2024 09:13AM  
Thank you for the suggestion Thomas, I was not looking at that one. Definite possibility for the girls.

I have been around for a bit, and am trying to impart a little of my experience for the next generation. Don't get me wrong, synthetics definitely have their place. I am just trying to make my purchases a bit more thoughtfully and environmentally sound. After hearing about all the micro plastics showing up in our waterways, I wonder how much of that is due to our clothing choices. When I do laundry, and clean the lint filter, there is a bunch of "micro plastics" right there.

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03/24/2024 07:48AM  
Glad to hear you are trying to go with more natural products.
Its so hypocritical of major outdoor companies claiming to be "green" all while their entire company is based on selling petroleum products.

And yes I do buy many petroleum products still. I am trying to go more natural slowly but surely.

And yes I get that petroleum technically is a natural product but it may be better to keep it underground for our own health.
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03/25/2024 08:39AM  
If you can get to the Frost River store and check out the packs with your kids that would be ideal. Check out the options for current and future needs.

I was able to pick up a Premium Mesabi Range Daypack second hand barely used, about $120 less than new and no added shipping. I use it as my music bag. Music books, extra strings, writing/notating tools. Just traveled to Colorado and back with it. The pack has been a good choice.

Might want to look at some the shoulder bag/satchels as well. I was in the Frost River Store in early January looking for a satchel but did not find one that had the specifics I was looking for. If I didn't already have a nice leather briefcase I'd likely own a Frost River briefcase/shoulder bag.
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03/25/2024 10:02AM  
When it comes to waxed canvas, I am partial to Frost River also.
distinguished member (236)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
03/25/2024 12:10PM  
Thank you for the suggestions, and yet another endorsement for Frost River. I was figuring that those two companies would be the ones to consider, but am still open to suggestions. As far as getting to the store, that is not going to happen anytime in the near future - we live in Grand Junction, CO. Not quite the easy trek. However, having lived in MN/WI for many years, I can manufacture a few excuses to get there.

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