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03/14/2024 08:25PM  
Four years ago - how has it been that long?!? - I made THIS , a combo dog pfd & saddlebag contraption that worked really well.

Cerberus carried her food and other odds & ends on 70-75 days over four seasons of canoe trips with this setup, and it performed really well.

However at the close of the ’23 season, I resolved to make new Sinful Saddlebags. The old ones were fraying, and zippers were beginning to go. They were also not remotely waterproof.

Her saddlebags were not all that big, and nothing remotely bulky (her insulated jacket, for example) could fit.

New saddlebags are waterproof cordura with waterproof zippers. There’s a truss in the interior so the middle won’t balloon out - it stays the same width there as at the edges. This sort of partitions each main compartment into two halves. Then each bag also has an external sleeve pocket.

Like the old ones, these clip to her Pestilential Pupvest (PFD) for speedy transitions at portages.

The new saddlebags are the same depth, and only an inch taller and an inch wider. However they are more rectangular, where the old ones were more egg-shaped. I believe this is probably 35-45% larger in terms of capacity. They are 13 x 8 x 3.5.

She won’t carry more weight in Fiendish Fardel, but she will carry more volume.

And with the tougher materials, these should last a very long time. I hate to think it - but they really should outlast her, as she’s 6.5 now.

Certainly the most polished-looking piece I’ve made.

I’m not yet ready to be Dan Cooke’s understudy, but perhaps I am now ready to be waterboy to the understudy.

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04/07/2024 11:52PM  
Beautiful Springer.
04/08/2024 10:25AM  
okinaw55: "Beautiful Springer. "

Close - Cerberus is a Small Munsterlander! Thanks, regardless.
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