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03/22/2024 09:19PM  
Hello there! My friend Mary (37) and I (28) are seeking others to join our group of two. 1 +1 = 2 + you and a friend = 4 + any more!

We are first-timers to the BWCA so, as of right now, we are seeking to hire a guide with a group, but are open to go w/o one if there are some that feel confident in their experience. We are flexible to prioritize what the group wants once we find other groupies, but would love to fish out hearts out and sight-see some fun landscapes.

Looking to go 6 -7 days.

Open to other dates but these weeks would work well for us to be paddling:

July 5 - 13
August 10 - 17
August 25 - September 1
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