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03/28/2024 06:59AM  
For those who have outfitted a Northstar canoe for whitewater, how do you stow your lining rope/painters?

Usually, I drill holes in the end decks and add some shock/bungee cord there to lash down either a throw bag or butterfly coil of rope so I can grab it and swim to shore.

The Northstar end decks don't seem large enough to accommodate lashing down a coil of rope so I'm curious what others have done? I've thought about attaching it to the grab handle but it seems like that could be a little harder to get at in a difficult situation?
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03/28/2024 09:22AM  
keth0601: "...I drill holes in the end decks and add some shock/bungee cord there to lash down... a coil of rope

That's what I did on my Mad River Destiny. When the bungee cord wore out, I went with a cup hook and twist tie on the underside of the end deck to hold a coil of rope.
member (9)member
03/29/2024 07:53AM  
Agree, the deck plate on NS Trillium seemed too small. Using this on the grab handle
RedLeaf tether tab
04/04/2024 12:54PM  
This is what I came up with. Removed the end decks and added some bungee cord wrapped around the end deck and tied underneath. The rivets keep it in place.

distinguished member(1209)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/07/2024 04:23PM  
Looks great. Nice and clean.
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