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04/10/2024 04:18AM  
Was visiting with Nathan at their booth this year and he asked if I had any of their gear and my response was " I got a lot of your shit because it is THE SHIT". We both had a good laugh.

That got me to wondering if I have an addiction....grin

Lean 1
10x14 tarp
Seat Pad with pockets
Thwart Bag

Now I just ordered a Bushcrafter pack!!

Don't tell me I'm alone here.

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04/10/2024 06:18AM  
There are tons of CCS fans on this site.

2 Rucksacks. 1 for each duckling that they started using at 5 and they are still using at 19 and 17
1 Wanderer. That is little bear’s pack and he will be using it on his first bwca trip this year.
1 Guide
1 Pioneer

3 toiletry bags. All bonus surprises. Dan’s late wife… she was such a sweet lady, knew the rucksacks were gifts for the ducklings and she wanted to give them a gift as well and then Dan carried on the tradition for little bear’s.

04/10/2024 10:45AM  
Also might have a problem, but zero regrets. Using this gear is a big part of my outdoor experience. Dan’s stuff is the best!

1 Lean 2+
2 Pioneer packs
2 8x10 tarps
1 15x15 tarp
1 12x12 bug tarp
3 stuff sacks
1 barrel pack
1 thwart bag
3 canoe spray decks
1 kitchen roll
2 toiletry bags
lots of cordage

distinguished member (208)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/10/2024 02:54PM  
CCS is the best!

2 Lean 2+ w/ floors
10x14 Tarp
2 guide packs
2 pioneer packs
1 barrel pack

I recommend their gear to everyone.
distinguished member(5360)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
04/11/2024 12:47AM  
10x10 tarp with the ridge line stuff sack
Custom rucksack with wanderer mesh side pockets and some extra attachment loops
2 of the light hiker packs
Bunch of zipper stuff sacks
A paddle case from back when he made those
Some paddle socks from back when he made those.
04/11/2024 06:42AM  
Blue Pioneer pack
Olive Bushcrafter pack
Green 10x14 tarp with stuff sack
Toiletry bag- an unexpected reward from Dan and his wife for a good deed.
All quality stuff that will most likely out live me!
04/11/2024 05:09PM  
10x14 Tundra Tarp with ridgeline stuffsack
Spray deck for my Magic
Thwart bag + 2 map cases
Toiletry bag
Kitchen utensil roll.

No packs because I came into some duluth packs before considering a CCS pack, but I know it'd be bombproof!
distinguished member(7895)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
04/12/2024 10:51PM  
I knew we had a bunch of CCS gear, but I had to think a little. I can’t imagine any company making better products for canoe tripping.

Our collection of Dan’s creations are as follows:

6 Pioneer packs
1 Rucksack
1 Kitchen utensil roll
1 Tundra tarp 10 x 10
1 Tundra tarp 12 x 12
1 custom Tundra tarp
1 Pathfinder thwart bag
1 Padded seat
1 Padded seat with saddle bags

04/13/2024 12:03PM  
Tis' the best...!

2 Pioneer Packs
1+ Lean
6 large zippered stuff sacks
10 x 12 tarp and ridgeline bag
10 x 10 bug shelter
thwart bag/map case
kneeling pad
paddle bag
variety of stakes, poles and cordage

distinguished member (423)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/16/2024 12:01AM  
Beyond the fact that CCS products are excellent (especially the tarps and ridge line stuff sacks, Dan is an outstanding, helpful individual who I call friend.

Pioneer pack
12x10 1.9 tarp green with ridgeline stuff sack
14x10 1.9 tarp yellow
16x10 1.9 tarp green with ridgeline stuff sack
30 L regular barrel pack
Stake set
Extending pole for tarps
04/17/2024 10:02AM  
I guess I have a CCS addiction

Two pioneer packs
One guide pack
One explorer pack
One bushcrafter pack
1 30 l barrel pack
1 10x10 tarp
1 10x14 tarp in a Ridgeline stuff sack
1 15x15 tarp in a Ridgeline stuff sack
3 tarp poles
One zippered utility bag that's not made anymore
One stake bag with various arrow shaft stakes in it
Lots of his tarp cord both regular and reflective

Dan's stuff is truly great I recommend it to anyone

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