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04/19/2024 03:46PM  
Built by Old Town in 1980 and christened Berta, this beautiful tripping canoe. At 17'2" Berta has hauled kids and adults for 10 days with gear and food, fished local rivers and reservoirs and provided us lots of memories, tales and exploits.

The hull design is very stable because it is designed to take on large lakes. It can be paddles solo or with multiple paddlers. I've paddled Berta fully loaded in 2-3 waves and she cuts them like a hot knife in butter.

The fiberglass hull is in good shape with expected scratches, no holes and still rock solid. Gunnels, thwarts, yoke and stern plates are mahogany and ash with brass hardware. Seats are ash with woven cane, stern seat is good, bow seat has a 1" whole beginning.

4 Paddles - 2 cherry beaver tails design, one kids paddle and 1 bent shaft paddle.
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04/19/2024 04:59PM  
Great canoe and a good price. We had an '88 Old Town Columbia, similar hull design, fast and stable.

Did you mean to put this in the 'Items For Sale or Wanted' forum?

distinguished member(1445)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/20/2024 01:16AM  
This should be in the 'Items For Sale or Wanted' forum...
distinguished member (447)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/20/2024 09:18AM  
A fiberglass canoe isn't "aramid". Aramid implies Kevlar, but you state it's fiberglass.
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