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      Entering 5/13 - pack bug house?     
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05/10/2024 07:39AM  
Entering EP 47 Lizz/Swamp on May 13.

Should we pack the bug house or save 5 pounds?

Never tripped in May before.
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distinguished member (429)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/10/2024 11:04AM  
TomP: "Entering EP 47 Lizz/Swamp on May 13.

Should we pack the bug house or save 5 pounds?

Never tripped in May before."

I brought my bug house into EP47 two summers ago and we were glad we had it. We only went as far as 674 on Horseshoe so we only had to carry it 3 times. We had a couple nice evenings with a breeze but otherwise morning coffee and evening 'campfire' time was mostly spent in the bug house. I imagine you're going farther than we did, but your bug house is also much lighter than mine. With or without the bug house, bring headnets!
05/10/2024 11:10AM  
I'm headed in the following weekend and wondering if there will be enough skeeters or blackflies to warrant it. Could save a couple pounds by bringing a lighter tarp instead of the Bugout. Have a feeling we should be safe than sorry though... I'm sure it's hit or miss depending on the area. Haven't seen much in the way of bug reports yet.
05/10/2024 09:11PM  
I believe Argo posted black flies were nasty on 5/4 already. Can't recall where he was.
distinguished member (330)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/11/2024 06:42AM  
We are having an early Spring pretty much everywhere, would say by at least two weeks. I would consider it about early June on the bug calendar. Pretty sure that puts you in black fly season and of course skeeters. Ounce of prevention....??
05/11/2024 10:10AM  
The bug house is in our pack. There’s just two of us on the trip, but we’ll double portage whether we bring it or not. I appreciate the responses! Wise counsel.
05/11/2024 07:29PM  
We always trip in May. Will be going 5/19-5/25 this year. I’ve never felt the need for a bug house. We will be also entering Lizz. This will be my 3rd time to Lizz entry in May as well. Keep your eyes open for Moose and don’t sweat the bugs too much.
distinguished member(2162)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/13/2024 06:01AM  
Seriously ?
distinguished member (110)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/13/2024 11:24AM  
Stumpy: "Seriously ?

Seems pretty serious to's a different sort of Spring.

I've taken multiple trips in May over the years, and I've never even brought repellant along in May, let alone the Bugout...but I have the same concerns as Tom P. this year.

My son and I are camping at Bear Head Lake SP before heading in at EP32 on Saturday the 18th. We'll bring the Bugout with to the State Park and decide from there.

...ounce of prevention.
05/17/2024 04:48PM  
We came out yesterday. Bugs were not an issue at all. However, we noticed a few in the air as we were packing out.
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