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05/13/2024 07:45AM  
Did you find or lose something during the 2024 season? Please use this thread to post it.

Take a look through the
2023 Lost and Found Thread for last year.

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distinguished member (106)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/26/2024 06:30AM  
Womens Prana black pants tall inseam. Found neatly folded on Little Rush May 21st.
05/27/2024 07:19AM  

Found on Marabouef Lake over Memorial Day weekend. Happy to ship to its owner.

Tell me which site and when you were there.

Posting same message on other sites.
05/27/2024 02:18PM  
Lost a couple handcrafted paddles coming off Knife on Sat. 5/26/24 They would be on the north arm east of thunder point, possibly even to little knife. These are very clearly hand made and have big fat paddles. They will have the initials WH carved into the paddle. If found please let me know so I can arrange to get them. Thank you and stay safe out there!
06/02/2024 11:13AM  
Small silver pocket knife left at a Quetico campsite: Campsite on western shore, mouth of bay leading to Yum Yum Portage on Kahshahpiwi (site ZE?).

It's about 1200meters due north of the Yum Yum portage landing, about 400m north of the narrow point of the bay; it's also about 500m west of the McNiece portage.

We left there May 23rd.
06/03/2024 01:35PM  

Someone found an old disposable camera.

06/04/2024 06:34AM  
Found cell phone on Crab. Dropped off at Canoe Country Outfitters.

06/12/2024 03:02PM  
Found three fishing rods on the South Kawishiwi River on the morning of June 10th.
member (10)member
06/13/2024 11:10PM  
Lost women’s keen purple sandal. We went from sawbill to Cherokee lake on May 31.
member (13)member
06/19/2024 09:50AM  

We found a pair of rain pants on our trip out yesterday (6/18/2024), the see map for where they were found. DM me with a description and we’ll figure out how to get them back to you.
member (10)member
06/19/2024 10:21AM  
Msheveron: "Lost women’s keen purple sandal. We went from sawbill to Cherokee lake on May 31. "
Lindsay Aschenbrener
Guest Paddler
06/21/2024 12:30PM  
A cellphone was lost around entry point 24 on or around 6/17/24. Last seen around Newton Falls portage or Pipestone portage. It has a black case and is a Samsung Galaxy S21. Please call 651-271-0377 if you find it!
06/21/2024 08:56PM  
Thanks for posting for me! Hope someone came/comes across it!
senior member (78)senior membersenior member
06/22/2024 12:40PM  
6/19 - Hatchet found on the Allen Lake portage landing from Horseshoe.
Send description... It's in Duluth....
member (16)member
06/24/2024 10:02PM  
I originally posted this in the 2023 Lost & Found thread because I was looking in the wrong subforum. It's in the Listening Post instead of Trip Planning.
This would have been on Thursday, June 20th, mid day that he left it behind.
Hi folks, we just got back to Ely after a great trip with my Scout troop. One kid realized way too late that he was missing his fishing pole. It should be at the Gibson Lake end of the portage from Ashigan to Gibson Lake. It's a black and red rod with a tan baitcasting reel. If found email
Thanks a ton!
06/28/2024 09:47PM  
Believe we lost a small, black Canon digital camera on the non-motorized portage at Entry Point #1, Lake Vermillion to Trout Lake. Would be in a padded zipper case. Truly most interested in recovering the images. Thanks!
Mike Q
Guest Paddler
07/02/2024 09:53AM  
gonorth1.....lost the sleeping bag, Moonstone-purple, black canvas sak, that was found on Burke either on island or on the portage back to Bayley Bay, posted on 9/11/2023. If you still have it, it would be appreciated. Otherwise I hope it has a good home. Thanks!
07/02/2024 07:30PM  

Lost on June 28th: Wave 1 Leatherman. Knife only, unsheathed. Dropped on the portage on far east side of Mountain lake. It may be along the portage or in the shallows.
07/07/2024 11:09AM  
Found, Olympus camera on west side of Pipestone Bay. Will turn it in to Forest Service when I return to Ely later in July.

07/08/2024 11:44AM  
I’m reposting this for a fellow paddler.

member (15)member
07/09/2024 04:53PM  
I lost my GoPro11 on Marabeouf near campsite #431. It is connected to a mount that is meant to hang around the neck. If you connect to it via Bluetooth, it is titled with my last name and my phone number. I also lost a pair of white sunglasses on the portage at Sag Falls. Yes…this was the trip I was losing everything.

07/12/2024 07:19PM  
May have left my pocket knife at the toilet at EP 41 on 7-10-24. Likely on the window ledge of the “porch”. Cold Steel brand, Air Lite model. Black lock back about 4.25” closed. Careful - she’s razor sharp ;)
07/14/2024 07:00PM  
Lost on jap, seagull or meditation lake/ portages between: black ford key fob for truck on a long red ribbon lanyard - likely on portage or a campsite. Please call me 6127021975 or turn into seagull outfitters they have my info! Thanks!!
David r
Guest Paddler
07/15/2024 03:30PM  
I lost a green and white rod holder with a few ugly stick rods in it on July 9th somewhere between lake #1 and insula on a portage. If you find it please text me at 2182901484
07/17/2024 03:34PM  
Camera in orange waterproof case.
Lost at Portage 615 between Lake One and Lake Two.
Friday, July 12 2024.
Canon SX60, along with a Swisstech phone charging battery,
and a small telescope. Case also contained some spare camera
Batteries and a charging cable.

Contact Lawrence Lile, 573 397 5414

member (6)member
07/18/2024 08:06PM  
Lost 7-5-24

I lost my black knife with a plastic sheath going to or coming from Eddy Falls and Ogish, It's a long shot but I thought I'd toss it out there to see if any magic shows..

Great trip either way!
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