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05/17/2024 07:47PM  
New Trip Report posted by martenskier21

Trip Name: First trip ever as a solo at 21 yo.

Entry Point: 25

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05/17/2024 08:55PM  
I'm glad to hear you had a good trip and enjoyed it. It's always nice to know how it went for people after they post about their plans. First trips are always a bit of a learning experience and solos have their own vibe. You did well.
05/17/2024 09:22PM  
Nice trip and pretty cool you did it solo at the ripe old age of 21. I went on my first trip from Poplar Lake down to Winchell with my ex-wife the summer after I graduated from college in 1976. Great trip, and got the BWCA bug. Been back around 40 times since then, plus a bunch of other times to Lake Vermillion with my family at a resort since then. Have a great career and life.

05/18/2024 08:48AM  
Well done! Sounds like you caught the “fever” of both wilderness tripping and solo tripping.

Your trip report is also excellent with great pictures. Thank you for sharing.

And you got it typed up and posted the day after you exited. Very impressive.

Good luck hitting the real world. You’re going to do very well.
distinguished member(2996)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/18/2024 10:18AM  
I am sooo glad you didn't take the 12' canoe. Your trip report would have been very different. I'm glad at your young age that you did this trip. Life is built on our experiences and as you reflect back on this trip, you will find great wisdom you might not be aware of yet.

If you want to try a solo trip in a lightwwight cedarstrip or wood canvas canoe, let me know.
05/18/2024 10:34AM  
Good job, glad you had a nice time.
05/18/2024 12:28PM  
Congrats on your fist solo! I started soloing when I was 23. Thirty two years later I’m still going strong.
distinguished member(3693)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/19/2024 12:09PM  
Nice trip report. Always nice to hear the young are enjoying the bwca.
05/20/2024 10:07AM  
Very nice trip report. I really enjoyed reading it. Couple of long paddle days there but sounds like it was all worth it.
distinguished member(587)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/27/2024 07:38PM  
Congrats on a great first trip! I did my first trip at 22, and this summer will be my 15th trip - one each season, haven’t missed a year yet. It’s a great bug to catch, especially before the real world encumbers you too much. Camping has taught me that it’s more important to have time in wild places than more money (which usually equates to more time working and/or more stress).

Hopefully you’ll take some of what you learned in the wilderness forward with you to positively impact your life and those around you. Cheers on going solo as well. I agree with others here that it sounds like you’ll do plenty well in the real world!
member (13)member
05/29/2024 04:45PM  
Awesome job! Your bravery was rewarded with a profound experience. Your trip was inspiring!
distinguished member(1995)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/31/2024 11:27AM  
Nice trip report and wonderful pictures. So happy that you had a great trip and were able to accomplish many of your goals. Hopefully you will be back for more.
06/02/2024 07:29AM  
Happy for you that everything worked out well and that you were able to upgrade your canoe from your original plans. Best of luck to you as you navigate the next steps- the BW will forever be whispering to you, calling you back to this experience for more.
distinguished member (101)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/10/2024 09:18PM  
Congratulations on a great first solo!

This is a beautiful, honest trip report. I too struggle with wanting to push just a little too hard. I think it takes a few trips to find the best balance, especially with an ever-changing skill level, weather, and priorities. I’m really glad someone helped you with a great solo canoe for your trip! Can’t wait to hear about the next one. There’s a lifetime of exploration up in the BWCA and you’ve only just begun.
distinguished member (147)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/10/2024 02:23PM  
Really enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing and all best wishes!

From an old soloist
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