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member (13)member
06/13/2024 05:28AM  
Has anyone ever taken small motorboats into north lake/.

Looks very doable.

The lakes and four camp sites are outside the BWCA boundaries.

When I look, I cannot find and probations on doing so.
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senior member (59)senior membersenior member
06/13/2024 06:29AM  
Never took a boat, but I have been through there many times on a snow machine.
06/13/2024 01:02PM  
06/13/2024 01:02PM  
06/13/2024 01:02PM  
06/13/2024 01:04PM  
I’ve seen small boats on the lake. I’m guessing through Gunflint and possibly portage wheels. To bad the tracks on the portage aren’t all there with a cart of sorts.
06/13/2024 06:53PM  
Yes, you can get into north lake. Bring some long rope. You’ll need to physically pull your boat up the rapids…against the current…to get into little north, then slowly make your way into north. There are lots of rocks and boulders. Everyone should get out of the boat and walk the portage. It can be a dicey walk along the wet rocks and boulders trying to pull a heavy boat against a strong current.

Then, repeat the the process on your way back through cuz
You won’t be floating through the rapids.

Also, there used to be a beaver dam in little gunflint that you’d also have to deal with.

North lake is mostly Canadian waters. The little islands you’re seeing are in MN.

There is access to the bwca close the those islands. Definitely worth hiking the Height of Land portage for its history.

You can also canoe to North and camp, however, if you get there and the sites are taken you’ll have to backtrack to little gunflint or gunflint.
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