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06/16/2024 08:27AM  
I included my son on my RABC application but he was not listed on the permit. I thought maybe I was just supposed to fill him in myself and was going to do so upon picking up my Quetico permit at prairie portage but the ranger said that it was wrong and he should have been included. Is he right? Has anyone had this happen? I don’t know whether it was an oversight on their part or whether they rejected him. I am inclined to think the former.
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06/16/2024 10:38AM  
Did you send his appropriate documentation passport or other proof? Family members have to be written on the application but the same proof needs to be submitted as well. Never had an issue with them not including family members. My son is 19 now though so he submits his own application as an adult.

06/16/2024 11:05AM  
I am confused by the terminology you are using? “he was not listed on the permit?’’

Do you mean he was left off the RABC or the Quetico Permit?

As Gaidin53 stated I’ve never had one of my kids left off the RABC but to get them added on you need to submit extra documentation. I believe you need a copy of their SS card and birth certificate or passport? You have to submit this at the time of the application. Cannot add names/family members later. If you didn’t submit the proper documentation/proof or didn’t submit his name then he would not be on the RABC.

For the Quetico Permit you have to add them when you reserve it despite whether they were on the RABC or not. You were probably just interchanging permit and RABC but just in case.

It could also just simply be an error on the part of the Canadian Government if you did everything correctly? It’s rare but happens.

distinguished member (206)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/16/2024 06:39PM  
I said permit but am referring to the RABC issued. He was on the Quetico permit. I included his name on the RABC application, a photocopy of his birth certificate, and a photocopy of a letter of authorization signed by my wife since she would not be accompanying us. I am thinking it was just a clerical mistake to not name him on the RABC issued.
06/16/2024 06:58PM  
Based on what you said it sounds like they just missed it. The form states under 18 only needs one form of primary ID which you did provide. You also provided the extra form which you probably didn’t need. I’d give them a call and see if you can get it corrected.


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