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senior member (64)senior membersenior member
06/18/2024 11:19PM  
I'm headed to ely for a few days to do some fishing. Any tips or advice on where to try? I done well on stuart and sterling end of May on my yearly solo but now I'm back already. Lol. I don't have a permit or my gear...I just have my canoe and fishing gear. I've never fished anywhere outside the bwca and don't really know where to start. Many thanks for any advice to get me onto a fish or two. Gonna be cool and wet from the look of things but still better than sitting home. Kind of excited to explore some of the places I've drove by heading into the bwca. Thanks again.
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06/19/2024 09:00AM  
What do you want to fish for? Where are you staying? Dates?
senior member (64)senior membersenior member
06/19/2024 11:06PM  
I got here till next Wednesday. Staying on birch tonight. Fished birch from around 6pm till 10pm and caught 7 small walleye on slip float/minnows and white twister tails. All around 10". Water is high. Some of the roads are closed coming up and had to go around and come in through babbitt. Still better than sitting at home though.
06/20/2024 07:24AM  
I'm finishing two weeks at Fall Lake Campground tomorrow. I fished Birch Lake on the 10th and got 3 walleyes, Farm Lake on the 13th zero fish. And all other days on Shagawa with fair to good results.

Weather and conditions have been poor and variable. Yesterday morning I got blown off Shagawa in the morning with rollers and white caps by the time I hit the landing. Mayfly hatch seems to be underway.

Fish seem to be moving deeper. I'd target 10 to 14 feet of water and start checking mid-lake reefs and rock piles. Most of my catch, even recently, has been on slip bobber and leech with an occasional fish on a jig, rubber body, and leech. Some big bodies, some small
Good luck and keep us posted.

I'm headed to Tofte for rainbows today.

06/20/2024 07:41AM  
senior member (64)senior membersenior member
06/20/2024 10:23AM  
I'm gonna camp on farm lake tonight. Gonna go get more minnows and leeches and try white iron today. The few I caught were all in about 15' off down wind Island points on birch. I'll let ya know what I get into. Good luck everyone.
distinguished member (387)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/26/2024 09:09AM  
Just was up in Ely area at a campground fishing over the weekend. Caught a 14" crappie and a 22" walleye. Fishing was pretty decent!
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