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06/19/2024 04:08AM  
Hey everyone, I'm headed in to Lac La Croix through the Moose River on Monday, June 24th, and was wondering how high the water levels are. I will have some first timers with me and would appreciate any info. Thanks in advance.
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distinguished member(1042)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
06/19/2024 05:59AM  
Record amounts of rain fell last night across large parts of northeastern MN, including the western BWCA, and more is expected this week. There are many washouts of forest roads. I would contact the LaCroix Ranger District for reliable info:

LaCroix Ranger District
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06/19/2024 07:15AM  
The river was high last week and will be even higher after last night. There are still some scattered rocks under the surface, but it’s not too bad. If you’re exiting on EP16 also, you’ll be going against the current when you head back. There are a couple spots where you have to pick up the pace to get through stick dams.
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06/19/2024 07:26AM  
We were on LLC/Fish Stake Narrows last week. Water was 2 ft higher than normal.

Recent rains will add to that for sure. Be safe and have fun.
06/22/2024 08:15AM  
I just got out yesterday and the water level is the highest it’s ever been and it is still rising due to the horrible storms.
I went to lake lac la croix last year and it was at it normal water level. When I got into lac la croix on the 19th it was at least 2 feet higher and it is still rising.
Be careful on your portages because my portages were basically impassible.
Guest Paddler
06/22/2024 05:15PM  
Made it out yesterday and literally cheated death on multiple occasions. All portages from entry 16 to la croix are extremely dangerous and impassable. You will not be able to identify portages heading down stream and will likely be swept into the rapids. Water levels are up 7ft and still rising. Take a look at our video on Moose Track Adventures Facebook to see for yourself.
06/22/2024 06:17PM  
We left yesterday 6-21 in the AM. Actual lake levels were up about a foot, but was not a problem on the lake itself. We were out there during the storms. NOT fun. However, we took a boat in and out with Anderson's Outfitters, so we did not have to deal with portages. From what I've read the last 24 hours I don't think I would risk a "paddle-in."
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