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      Repost after partner backed out Aug 25 Trip with tow out of Crain Lake     
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06/20/2024 12:22PM  
Partner found 7/4.....

I made this post earlier, but was unable to get confirmation from an individual who showed some interest.

Still looking for a paddle partner..

I was going to do my first solo until my wife uncovered my plan.
Looking for a paddle partner for late August.
I am 67, live in Louisville, and have been to the BWCA many times with groups of family and friends. They have jobs and kids and for some reason can't go to the BWCA every year.
The trip plan may not fit for everyone but is about as physically easy of a fishing trip as possible. A tow out of Crane Lake (I already have the permit and Anderson outfitter reservation) The tow itself is an amazing experience and gets us deep into the BWCA via LLC and Canadian waters. (tow cost is about $300). See youtube of the tow

Would likely basecamp with no portage in Lady Boot Bay or potentially one portage into Iron.
Base camp and fish our brains out.
We could do two solo canoes allowing separate interests during the day, but still have the camaraderie, safety, and sharing of camp chores. Or a double, if a lot of fishing is OK with you.
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