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distinguished member (317)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
09/03/2006 11:54PM
New Trip Report posted by CIIcanoe

Trip Name: Big Water to No Water and Portages in Between.

Entry Point: 23

Click Here to View Trip Report
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Guest Paddler
09/04/2006 08:46AM
Enjoyed your trip report. Actually you took a trip like I always wanted to take but I seem to lose steam part way thru it and end up base camping and taking day trips. Never have I taken a trip that went the way I planned it. Keep up the good work while you can and I will keep looking for your trip reports. Thanks for posting!!!
senior member (91)senior membersenior member
09/05/2006 07:00AM
Great Report! Can of red paint..grrr I wanna hurtem.
08/13/2007 01:22AM
Another fun read. I wish I had time to get another solo in. I will have to be happy with early AM paddles.
08/16/2007 10:19AM
You're right about Bottle Portage. The lower trail gets really muddy - the only portage where I've sunk up past my knees while on the trail. Didn't find out about the upper trail until I got across and some folks at the end of the portage told us. Thank goodness, cause I still had one more trip to go.
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