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06/10/2010 09:51PM  
The four of us had a great canoe trip to Quetico Park in Ontario as usual (9 days starting 5/24). I have been tied up with another project so I still haven't had time to get my photos processed, but here's a teaser from McNiece Lake, our 2nd night. McNiece is famous for it's old growth red and white pines, a tiny, remote fragment of the pine forests that blanketed the whole upper midwest before logging began in the 1800's. There was a massive forest fire on this lake about 10 years ago but the north side escaped damage.

My buddy SB also got some great shots, including this one of me with a nice smallmouth from Yum Yum Lake. Note squashed mosquito on my cheek. That's a Heddon Zara Puppy top water plug in the net. Catching smallmouth on topwater lures at 6:30 AM in a gentle rain on Yum Yum Lake--better than crack (so I've heard).

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06/11/2010 12:22AM  
Wonderful pictures!
I can't wait for the full story and more pics.
06/11/2010 08:05AM  
I think that area burned in 07- Last fall was the first time I paddled the area since the burn, quite a sight. A beautiful area of the park, can't wait for the report.
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06/11/2010 08:17AM  

Outstanding! McNiece is on my list to visit later this summer provided that my shoulder can handle the trip. Great pictures!
06/11/2010 09:35AM  
I've got a bad shoulder too--Aleve is a wonderful drug--have your Dr. give you a Rx for 500 mg. tabs.
06/19/2010 05:08PM  
Hey! Springer2, I keep waiting for your trip report.....just a hint, write it on word and then paiste it .....easy.
06/19/2010 05:25PM  
I particularly like that first campfire photograph. Very nice!
06/19/2010 06:58PM  
quote fishguts: "Hey! Springer2, I keep waiting for your trip report.....just a hint, write it on word and then paiste it .....easy."

Sorry--haven't had time. If there's anything specific you want to know let me know.
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