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07/05/2010 09:24AM  
One week from today, our group of four will be on Kawnipi Lake. We'll have put in at Beaverhouse on July 10th and will have paddled the length of Quetico Lake, done the Yeh to Lonely portage and come through the Poet's Chain.

Once we get to Kawnipi, we'll take a layover day (or two) for some re-charging of the batteries and hopefully some bigtime walleye fishing.

After Kawnipi, we'll either (preferably) head down the Falls Chain to Saganagons, then down the Man Chain to exit at PP or we'll go down Agnes.

Really looking forward to the trip.
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07/05/2010 11:06AM  
No Walleyes left in Kawnipi! We caught them all last summer!

You are gonna love that lake... It rocks!

07/05/2010 02:07PM  
Jealous--have a great time.

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07/05/2010 02:13PM  
Sounds like a nice trip. Curious....are you flying in to beaverhouse?
07/05/2010 03:35PM  
quote BrownTrout01: "Sounds like a nice trip. Curious....are you flying in to beaverhouse?"

No. We're driving to International Falls and meeting another couple (sister and brother-in-law of a business friend of mine) who will ride with us to Beaverhouse, then drive our vehicle back to I-Falls. Sometime during the week, they'll drive it down to Ely and park it at the Moose Lake landing for us.
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07/05/2010 03:54PM  
Sounds like a pretty fun trip. Have you figured out how many miles you'll be paddling?
07/05/2010 06:03PM  
quote mr.barley: "Have you figured out how many miles you'll be paddling?"

I haven't gotten to that point yet. Maybe my buddy has, but I haven't. I'm going to guess it will be somewhere around 100 miles, but after I spend a little time with the maps this week, I'll let you know. A hundred miles over eight days ought to be enough, eh?
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07/05/2010 07:51PM  
That is a good bit of paddling. Nice to have friends that support your habit though. Have a good trip!
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07/05/2010 10:37PM  
Awesome Pete. My August trip is down Kawnipi to the Falls and Man Chains, I will look forward to report. Have a great time!
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07/06/2010 07:54AM  

Been there. It's an awesome lake. Have a great trip!!
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