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08/14/2010 03:02PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
I thought I would create a separate area for GPS users where we can go for help and seek answers.

I own a GPSMap 60csx and love it.

Fell free to put up your own topics and we will see what we can get answered!
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08/15/2010 08:46PM  
Well I just signed up. I don't know a lot about GPS, but hoping I will learn more.

I have a Delorme PN - 40. I have owned it just about a month and a half.
08/17/2010 02:47PM  
Thanks for setting this up!
Currently use a PN40 se, set up with USGS quads, satellite and aerial images, and camps/portages overlay.
Still have my first a Garmin GPS 12, have owned and used several other units also.

Rapid Runner
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08/30/2010 12:43PM  
Thanks Corsair!

just getting into this GPS thing and i can see it to be very helpful.
12/18/2010 06:33AM  
Thanks for setting this up. I have a Oregon 400t, not the smartest when it comes to this stuff...I can read it but know -0- about saving maps , pronting maps, etc. May pick your brains as time goes and as I have time to mess with it.
Thanks again
08/21/2011 06:15PM  
Glad to find this forum. Picked up a Magellan SporTrakColor and am looking forward to gleaning tips of the trade from those in the know.
03/20/2015 07:38PM  
I'm late to this forum but I have a Garmin etrex 30. Just figuring out how to do basic things like load raster maps and portage/campsite waypoints. Looking forward to acquiring and sharing wisdom on making this type of device more useful.
04/18/2015 08:18AM  
I finally pulled the plug on a Garmin Oregon 600. I haven't received it yet but figured I better start reading. I noticed Ken said he has camps and portages overlayed and that's basically the reason I bought this thing so that's cool. Now to find them and figure out how to load them in.
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