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09/27/2010 10:24AM
New Trip Report posted by RT

Trip Name: The Year of Rain.

Entry Point: 55A

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09/27/2010 10:25AM
I wrote up the adventures of the last five years of "Big Trips" that my friends and I took. I was not going to post them at first but, seeing as some people damn near screamed at me to post them, here they are. (5 reports in total - 4 submitted back to back).

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09/27/2010 12:00PM
Wilderness Toilets photo journal? love it.

Jumping rocks - huge!!! Nice moose shots and blueberries.

Memories were definitely made, despite the PITA parts of the trip. Must not have made a lasting impression since you're back at it!
09/27/2010 02:29PM
While on the water during rain I am miserable.

After the trip is done I am miserable.

A day in the rain is better than a day in the office.
10/02/2010 09:58PM
RT, your trip reports are sort of entertaining. I say sort of, because of some of the things your groups have done. A few stand out in my mind:

- Getting out of your boats on Canadian soil - and then camping - without a permit
- Not picking up your buddy's dump on the latrine trail
- Rinsing your dishes in the lake
- Tampering with border monuments
- Tying a Care Bear to a tree

I hope that in the future you'll learn to abide by Leave No Trace principles. And if you plan to step foot in Canada be sure you have the proper permit.
10/04/2010 08:09AM
Am I proud of some of the things we have done? No. Was I going to exclude them from my journals just because it would make a few people on this list angry with me? No. I tell the truth. No matter how it makes me look. Feel free to bash me for the dumb things I have done in the BWCA. I can take any critisims that anyone can dish out and I will harbor no grudge for your views.

I will take some time to address the things you mentioned however. While they may not please people, they are the truth.

1. Canadian soil camping - By the time we were setting up camp it was dark out. The closest campsites to where we were (which might have been taken) were on the south side of Ottertrack. We took the site with the full intention that, should a Ranger stop, we would happily have paid the fine. We felt there was no other option.

2. Donnie's Dump - Tempers by that point were high, to say the least. Donnie is a friend of a friend of mine and by that point, had I said something, I could have easily lost teeth.

3. Rinsing Dishes - Yes, I wash dishes in camp and do a final rinse in the lake. I have one of those portable kitchen sinks that I wash in but the final rinse is always in the lake.

4. Border Monument - If you think that anyone would be able to pull out one of those by hand then feel free to hit me with a paddle should we ever meet. I let Goph have at it because I knew that he would/could cause no damage to them.

5. Care Bear - Looking back I totally agree with you. I can say no more than that.

I say, in regards to my journals, take it or leave it. Feel free to call me a dumbass. Sure I have done some less than acceptable things but at least I have the balls to point out my own faults.
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10/31/2010 11:39PM
wow..what a rap.with the season over i've been trying to read a couple reports every night.another one with great photos and lots of story telling..just not a "jake and i went fishing"..
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11/02/2010 04:20AM
nice report... i liked the wildlife pics and the waterfall.
11/03/2010 03:27PM
I enjoyed this report almost as much as the 2008 one. Even though you had a lot of rain, you still were able to swim and cliff jump at Wisini. And, you didn't have the "Donnie-problem" this time. Nevertheless, that tension made for a good story.

I've been on many rain-soaked, wind-blown trips, so I sypathize with your frustration with this one. But, when I look back at all my trips, the rainy, windy, stormy ones form a kind of background that make the sunny, calm ones glimmer that much more. Also, most of us go to the wilderness because we enjoy the challenge of coping with whatever it deals us by way of weather and adversity.

I enjoy your frankness and honesty, and I hope you will continue to report your trips truthfully. It adds a refreshing zing to these tales.
11/04/2010 07:19AM
Hey RR
wow, thank you for the praise. I wrote the reports as a way to remember the trips later in life and only posted them here because I got pestered by members of this board (half joking on that).

I am all for a challenge when I am in the BW but the rain that year did the rain-for-4-hours-stop-for-2-rain-again-for-4-hours thing the entire trip. Rain normally does not bother me but after days of that... blargh.

Donnie has since said that he will never go back to the BW. One portage was too many, let alone multiple portages. We have asked another friend to come with for our Aug 2011 trip but he has yet to confirm. He better hurry up. We only have 10 months before we leave.
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