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10/02/2010 08:52PM  
Not a lot of activity in here in the past month....Starting to think about 2011 trip. Giving consideration to staying in North Bay or Ranger Bay and day tripping to Mc Naught or Clear lakes. Any body have any info on these lakes or thoughts on this. Mainly planning on trying to catch smallies and pike. Thinking late May up to mid June.
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10/02/2010 09:02PM  
Mid june Beverhouse out through nym. Or maybe Montana, Bighorn riverfor a few days then hike up into the beartooths. Cant go wrong either way. Anthony
10/03/2010 10:23PM  
We are putting together next years Quetico trip. 4 guys from Brookings, Oregon...June 10 - 20 ???? West side thru Crane Lake....thinking of a loop going in at Bottle Portage and coming out at Black Robe Portage...Argo Cone, Brent, Suzanette, Conmee, William Darkey, down the Darkey River.....some old, some new, trying to hit the solstice and great fishing.

Been to North Bay, but just traveling through. I'll read up on Clear & Mc Naught and see if I find anything.
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