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senior member (55)senior membersenior member
12/02/2010 09:00AM  
No one is answering the phone at Quetico Park office, so I'll ask these here and see if anyone knows the answers.

Planning a trip out of Nym Lake in late May/early June 2011.

Can we pick up the Quetico permit in Atikokan the day before our entry?

What time does the Atikokan office close?

Can we camp at the Nym Lake landing the night before we start paddling?

Thanks in advance...
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distinguished member(2546)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
12/02/2010 10:43AM  
Yes, you can pick up your permit the day before in Atikokan. They close at 4:15pm sharp. That means that even if you are waiting at 4:15pm, they will close & tell you to come back tomorrow. These are gov't workers. There is no place to camp at Nym landing. Your actual entry will be at Batchewaung L #21. There is Bunnell's a municipal campground in Atikokan or you can stay at White Otter Motel in Atikokan, which is my preferred option. By not camping, everything stays packed & ready to go. Bunnell's is where we do our post-trip shower. ;)
senior member (55)senior membersenior member
12/02/2010 11:27AM  
Thanks for the thorough and quick answer.
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