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member (21)member
01/06/2011 04:19PM  
New Trip Report posted by Sagebrusher

Trip Name: Eagle Mountain Trail.

Entry Point: Other

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01/06/2011 07:30PM  
sounds like you had a very exciting trip
01/07/2011 02:56PM  
This was an interesting report. Your entire trip seemed a little sporadic and random. Haha. Glad you got to go though. A little bit of the boundary waters is much better than none at all. Sounded like you found yourself in a pretty dangerous situation out there. Glad everyone made it out safely. You probably made the right call by going to the bog as long as lightning wasn't an issue. You didn't mention that there was any. Hope you get to go on a longer trip to the bwca next time!
member (21)member
01/07/2011 04:04PM  
Now that I am back in the Midwest I hope to head up there in the spring. I will probably do another backpack trip. I have a different tent now, but it is still on the heavy side, more suitable for car or canoe camping.
There was lightning but it appeared to be mostly cloud to cloud. I did think about lightning while standing next to the solitary tree but I was just too scared to go back into the forest.
01/07/2011 07:58PM  
Near a solitary tree is a bad place to be when there is lightning in the sky... but wind sounded like it was a much more likely threat at the time.
member (21)member
02/24/2011 05:44PM  
Just added a photo of Gooseberry Falls the day after the storm. I don't think I would want to go over those falls in a canoe or anything else. More photos later!
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